Our Accreditation

Conducted with integrity and impartiality

Our JAS-ANZ certification is evidence of our commitment to excellence.

We are currently the only general practice certification provider certified by JAS-ANZ under the General Practice Scheme. JAS-ANZ are a highly regarded and internationally recognised accreditor. JAS-ANZ certification is rigorous and demanding. It is only granted to those who meet its high standards of excellence. Our certification with JAS-ANZ ensures that we are accountable for our own standards – practicing the same methodology we preach.

Our ISQua accreditation is evidence of international best practice.

We are also accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) against the Guidelines and Standards for External Evaluation Organisations, 5th Edition. This is formal recognition that our performance as an accrediting body has been assessed by peer reviewers against international standards and that we meet international best practice requirements.

Accreditation is a journey not a destination

We value relationships, communication and feedback.

We recognise the hard work you put in to your practice and patient wellbeing.

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