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What does QPA do?

We are a certification provider to general practices across Australia. We empower general practices to deliver excellence to their patients and communities.

What are the benefits of my General Practice being certified by QPA?

We believe that certification ensures high standards of healthcare and is a signifier of excellence that patients should actively seek when choosing a general practice. We make certification beneficial for our practices by delivering engaging, constructive and productive feedback that ultimately empowers practices to deliver the best patient outcomes.

What can my practice expect during the certification journey?

After the practice application has been processed, your practice will be contacted by your assigned Quality Accreditation Manager (QAM). Your QAM will be your point of contact throughout the certification journey.

They will assist with providing resources to help with your self-assessment and survey visit.

After your survey visit is completed, you will be sent a non-conformity statement and then a draft report with a chance for any factual comment. Your final report will then be issued to your practice and to our Certification Authority. Once certified, you will receive your certificate in hard copy and via the Connect portal.

What standards will my practice be certified against?

Your practice will be assessed against the RACGP 5th edition standards for general practices and for services they will be assessed against the RACGP 5th edition standards for after-hours and medical deputising services. The 5th edition of the RACGP standards are focused on patient outcomes and quality improvement. Our values as an organisation are in line with the 5th edition standards.

Are there resources that QPA can provide to assist my practice during accreditation?

Yes, QPA’s Connect portal contains a comprehensive suite of resources to support your practice team.
Your QAM will work with your practice team to ensure you are provided with the resources best suited to your practice. We also have a comprehensive fortnightly webinar program that can be accessed by yourself and your team for training purposes.

Does QPA supply a P&P template?

Yes, we have a Policy and Procedure template which is designed in a format to help you make your manual a live working document for your practice team. There is no need for practices to create a new P&P manual, however our template provides guidance to ensure your existing manual is compliant against the 5th edition standards.

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