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Getting started with accreditation

Benefits and how it works

In the early 1990s, government and professional organisations proposed that an independent and voluntary system of practice accreditation be established to promote quality care in general practices. In response, the RACGP undertook the development of the Standards for general practices, against which practices would be assessed for accreditation.

Accreditation is required for the Australian Government Practice Incentives Program (PIP). Payments made to practices through the program are in addition to other income earned by the general practitioners and the practice, such as patient payments and Medicare rebates.

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Need an indicative fee for your accreditation?

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All practices are able to receive an indicative fee prior to progressing to an application in the Connect system: this ensures complete transparency from the very start of your relationship with us.

Regardless of practice location or size, QPA seeks to make accreditation accessible and fair in our calculations for accreditation fees : our fee policy is applied consistently and equitably.

To obtain a no-obligation indicative fee, complete a Fee Estimate request and  we will make you an offer within one business day. If you have multiple practices, or if you have circumstances specific to your practice which you would like QPA to consider, please contact us on 1800 188 088.

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Ready to complete the application?

It’s simple, just accept the indicative fee, and progress to the application through the Connect portal, or you can skip the fee conversation and go straight to the application form within Connect. Once submitted and the program fee is paid, your application will be processed by our administration team, and your Quality Accreditation Manager assigned. QPA will never automatically register your practice. Not only does the structure of our system prevent it, we believe that the choice should be yours.

5 minutes to complete

1 business day
to receive quote

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