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QPA is always seeking to engage professionals who are committed to quality in general practice.

Are you interested in joining our surveyor team?

We are always interested in engaging with general practice professionals who are committed to quality

Are you currently working in general practice, but want to make a contribution to quality care beyond the confines of your own practice?

Will you be part of the solution?

For a better general practice tomorrow, become a quality surveyor today!

Now is the time to join our team of Quality GP and co-surveyors.
The value of ongoing quality improvement in general practice empowers practices to deliver better patient outcomes.
It pays to work for QPA!*
GP surveyors Co-surveyors
> 50 visits $1,800 $725
21-50 visits $1,600 $600
11-20 visits $1,400 $475
Training – 10 visits $1,200 $375
Our commitment to our team is clear
  • We will plan, book and pay for all survey travel arrangements
  • We fully train our surveyors to the highest standards
  • We provide all the tools and resources they need
  • We offer a professional remuneration package*
  • Each surveyor is assured of being fully supported to provide a thorough quality assessment
  • You will have the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and experience to promote and drive the future of quality health care in Australia
*All terms, conditions and additional reimbursement information for travel, accommodation and meals is available below.
Arrangements apply for visits undertaken after 1 January 2023.
Contact us today at or call (02) 6944 4042

Additional information:
Progress through different surveyor levels is dependent on satisfactory completion of the QPA surveyor continuing professional development program and performance review • Payments are per full day survey visit assignment for an accreditation (not surveillance, relocation or transfer) visits and include travel time up to 2 hours per assignment and time spent on completion of reports • Motor vehicle allowance is payable at $0.72 cents a kilometre based on Google or Apple maps distance calculation for each assignment for the shortest or quickest route • Where applicable, standard daily rates for assignments are increased by $250 for GP surveyors and $180 for co-surveyors to compensate for an assignment requiring an overnight stay • Rates shown are for surveyors working under an employment contract as part time employees. Other benefits for employed surveyors, such as superannuation, may apply subject to statutory requirements. Employed surveyors are covered under QPA’s workers compensation insurance policies • Surveyors engaged as independent contractors are paid a 12.5% loading (plus GST if applicable) in addition to the published rates, but are not paid superannuation by QPA and must provide evidence of public liability, professional indemnity and other insurances as required from time to time by QPA or by law • Meals allowances are paid only where an overnight stay is required (breakfast and dinner) and for lunch where this is not provided by a practice and on submission of a receipt • Overnight accommodation may be offered where travel is in excess of two hours total • Accommodation (if required) is organised and paid for by QPA.

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