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QPA is always seeking to engage professionals who are committed to quality in general practice.

Are you currently working in general practice, but want to make a contribution to quality care beyond the confines of your own practice?

Becoming a surveyor

Surveyors in general practice accreditation must have a minimum of five years experience in a general practice setting, with time spent in the past two years in patient-facing care.

We are looking for people with excellent communication and writing skills, and who may have auditing training or experience.

We are looking for people who can define opportunities for improvement without criticism, and who can provide advice without judgment.

We are looking for people dedicated to professional development, who can reflect on their own performances and always seek their own quality improvement.

Most of all, we are looking for people with integrity, both professional and personal, and with a strong desire to support the ability of every general practice to achieve quality care.

The RACGP defines professional requirements for surveyors, and you can review these below.

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