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Dedicated support and resources

We’re with you every step of the accreditation journey

An unparalleled, end-to-end accreditation system

Connect brings you a new vision of general practice accreditation, providing an intuitive, responsive and collaborative platform for all involved in the accreditation and quality assurance processes of general practices nationwide.

Comprehensive Feedback

Be better prepared with a comprehensive action plan prior to your survey visit. By submitting your documentation and completing an indicator-level self-assessment within the Connect portal, we will ensure your practice receives feedback to help you feel confident in meeting current accreditation standards.

Dedicated support

Your practice is assigned a Quality Accreditation Manager, someone to support and guide you through every step of your accreditation journey.

The only specialists in general practice

Solely focused on improving standards and quality in general practice, QPA is unique in the general practice accreditation setting. Proudly independent and dedicated to advocacy for our clients, we support outstanding general practices nationwide, guiding them in applying the Standards in their own settings and striving for the best in quality patient care.

Training and education

Your practice has exclusive access to a range of resources, including fact sheets and templates, webinars, the Standards and its companion guides, and newsletters designed to support your practice and its staff, throughout the accreditation cycle.

Quality Assessment

A quality onsite assessment conducted with integrity and impartiality, giving you the peace of mind that all opportunities for improvement were identified. This mitigates the risks within your practice, allowing you to achieve better patient outcomes.

5 minutes
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“Myhealth Medical Centres have been using QPA for the last 6 years.”

“No other agency makes the same effort to really engage and understand our practices.”

“As an Area Manager I am involved in a lot of onsite accreditation visits and no other accreditation provider is dedicated to giving you a real assessment of your practice against the standards.”

Leonie Dewey | Myhealth Medical Centres

“QPA is not only committed to quality but have been commitment to rural and remote practices for more than 20 years.”

“They are a supportive accrediting body of general practices, ensuring a complete and comprehensive circle of quality care is provided to all patients.”

– Taroom Doctors Surgery

“I’ve been involved with QPA for over 20 years as founder, director, surveyor, mentor and practice owner.”

“No other accreditation provider is as committed to excellence or your practice.”

Tony Andrew | Chair of the QPA Advisory Board

“I’ve been a surveyor for QPA for 20 years. No other accreditation provider is as dedicated to giving you a real assessment of your practice against the standards.”

“QPA are committed to making your practice the best by providing a comprehensive assessment which also outlines opportunities for improvement.”

Beth Wakefield | Surveyor at QPA

Survey Visits: the QPA way

Our surveyors have the QPA approach to accreditation embedded in their training and support.

GP accreditation surveyor

The survey visit is a quality assurance and improvement activity involving peer-review: it should never feel like a test. Our surveyors encourage your practice team to contribute, learn and improve: it is not about pass or fail.

The survey visit begins long before our surveyors walk in through your practice’s door. Our team prepares for the visit by reviewing outcomes from the desktop audit. They become familiar with your practice’s process, special circumstances, and any concerns, well before they arrive.

During the visit, our teams strive to offer you a positive, engaging peer review, sharing their own experiences and knowledge, and learning from your practice as well. A survey visit is the practice’s time to shine: an opportunity to demonstrate what you do every day, and the quality care you provide to your patients.

The information returned to QPA by the surveyors reflects how you do things in your practice. The surveyors are key to our understanding of your practice, and in our ability to shape a report that describes how your practice meets the Standards.


Why are QPA’s survey visits conducted over a longer duration than some other providers?

Our practices pay us to provide them with an assessment that is comprehensive and of the highest quality. Our assessment provides you with the peace of mind that all opportunities for improvement were identified. This means your business can operate at the optimal level, which translates to better outcomes for your patients. 

My practice’s indicative fee from QPA is higher than other providers, why is this?

The QPA program differs vastly from our competitors, and we are confident our fees represent excellent value considering the quality of our program and our support.

What steps do I need to take to apply for accreditation with QPA?

A fee estimate can be requested on our website and your application can be completed via our online portal, Connect. Once the fee estimate is accepted and your application submitted, it will be approved by our administration team, and your Quality Accreditation Manager assigned. QPA will never automatically register or re-register your practice. Not only does the structure of our system prevent it, we believe that the choice should be yours.

My practice is already certified, how long before the practice’s expiry date should I apply for a new round of certification?

With the release of the 5th edition Standards and feedback from our practices, we recommend applying 18 months before your expiry date. This allows sufficient time for us to support you through the self-assessment.

To break it down, there are 124 indicators in the 5th edition Standards, applying 18 months will enable you 10 months to work on your self assessment and ensure you have the best chance of being prepared for the onsite assessment.

We have multiple practices, what can QPA do for us?

For practice groups we can offer alignment of expiry dates to assist with making your accreditation journey more streamlined. You will also have a dedicated QAM for your group, which helps with consistency of contact across your practices. 

When are payments required?

Our non-refundable program fee of $1,320 including GST is required on application, with the accreditation fees invoiced six  weeks prior to your survey visit. 

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