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QPA & Strengthening Medicare GP Grants Program

Now is the perfect time to partner with QPA for your Total Quality Solution

Cost is no longer a barrier to access quality accreditation!  Our cost effective total quality assurance, improvement and risk management solution meets the GP Grant Program criteria of maintaining or achieving accreditation and/or enhancing digital health capability.  

UltimateQTM is a powerful patient engagement and feedback system built for busy practices.  With a secure practice portal, it is simple to use and gives your practice immediate results.  It is designed to collect and report feedback in real time for every consultation. UltimateQTM can be used alone or with a complementary long form feedback survey provided by QPA.  For further information, visit

A cost-effective, whole-of-practice self assessment, quality assurance, improvement and standards education tool that can be completed by every member of the practice team.  Based on the same tool used by QPA surveyors during accreditation visits, Connect+ is bundled with online administration features that provides a cross sectional perspective of quality in your practice.  Find out more

QPA’s accreditation program is about taking the time to engage with practices to help them recognise opportunities for improvement that support their vision and goals.  Our program is tailored to each practice’s needs with personalised service and exclusive resources.  Our aim is to embed quality into the practice to deliver the best possible health care outcomes for patients and their families.

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